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Larry Livermore on the Early Days of Gilman St.
Posted by Delfina [ Comments: 0 ]

Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout Records, recently wrote a nice piece about the atmosphere and attitude of the early days of Gilman St, the punk rock venue where Green Day got their start. It’s a bit of nostalgia, I suppose, but it’s interesting in that it seems to represent a point of view that left a strong mark on Green Day and their attitude toward punk and making music.

Punk is a concept that is so often misunderstood, but it seems to me that’s partly because it does not mean the same thing to all people, or even to the various punk scenes, even to the same scene as it evolves over time. One of the wonderful things about Gilman St. is that it made punk fun, and accessible even to those of us who might have felt intimidated by its more aggressive, more traditional, form.

Below is an excerpt. Read the whole post here. Isocracy, as you may know, is the band that John Kiffmeier, Green Day’s first drummer, was in.

It’s hard to describe just what was so amazing or hilarious about an Isocracy show; in essence, we’re not talking about much more than a lot of smart-ass remarks and random insults coupled with the band’s trademark gimmick of bringing in great bags and boxes of rubbish (er, “found art) and throwing it at the audience (who of course threw it right back). But it was a refreshing change from what had by then become the very formulaic sort of punk rock shows we’d been seeing since the late 70s. By the end of an Isocracy set, there would typically be more audience members than band members on stage, and the audience might well have commandeered the microphones and be outsinging the band as well.

Some of the older punks tut-tutted about how “these kids” were making a mockery of long-standing punk traditions, but they were soon outnumbered by the influx of yet more kids, every other one of whom seemed to want to start a band and play at Gilman, too.

It was a big part of what made Gilman so special and so different from most punk rock clubs: the fact that you could act as silly or as carefree as you wanted and not have to worry about conforming to some rigid ideal of what “punk” was supposed to look or sound like.

Ironically, and, I thought, a bit sadly, the era of the Gilman geek lasted only a couple years before a counterreaction began to emerge. Once bands like Green Day started gaining recognition in the larger world and the whole “shiny happy smartpunk sound” (as one of our detractors had it) showed signs of crowding out most other forms of punk rock, there was a tendency on the part of many Gilman old schoolers (those same kids who’d been 16 or 17 when the club opened but were now entering their angst-ridden 20s) to revive the dark and nihilistic styles of early 80s hardcore.

December 31, 2007 [ Category: Essay ]

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Music groups that can encourage your marriage

Listening to the word music group or orchestra, who already combed gray like your parents and grandparents, evoke their glorious years, in which it was unimaginable to go to a wedding or party of carving and not to meet with a group playing live. DJs were not popular in those times and it was offensive to find a cold stereo animating a party. Currently seeing a group putting the musical note in a wedding is to give added value and of course, leave more than happy to your guests of all generations, who surely will enjoy from beginning to end.

Today, there is a wide range of sets, bands, trios, quartets, which fit not only your musical tastes but your marriage budget, from the most classic to contemporary, potpourri and popular music. Therefore, if you are determined to hire one, it is better to choose the best wedding photographer .

1. Creole

Undoubtedly the orchestras that enjoy greater popularity in our environment are the criollas. They build such a jarana that if they are thinking of leaving their guests happy it is a safe bet to keep a dynamic dance floor.

2. Afro-Peruvian

Composed of percussion instruments, this type of groups will tap your guests to the rhythm of the celebration and landed, but not throughout the day. They usually make an appearance at a critical moment and leave, leaving everyone tired, but very happy.

3. Salsa

There is a sector of the population that does not imagine a party without this American center rhythm. If you know that your people are salsera, go directly to quote a salsa orchestra, which always have the guardaditas up their sleeve to get the track to all generations.

4. Cumbia

The groups of cumbia like the ones of salsa are numerous, and they are usually the most cheerful. They combine popular rhythms with sticky lyrics that will make the audience sing.

5. Tropical

It is an orchestra that stands out for playing contagious Latin American rhythms, we find cumbias from Peru and Argentina. Also a repertoire of Ecuadorian corridors, Colombian vallenatos, and all those dance tunes of all time, including Sonora Matancera / Cuba.

6. Charanga

Charanga orchestras are popular in Argentina but it is possible to find them in our country also with percussion, strings and wind. They compile dance rhythms of all times. Your goal is to keep your guests standing, that is why they resort to contagious choreography that remained in our imagination.

7. Rock

It is possible to hire a single band that plays their own versions of your rock legends throughout the party, or on the other hand, that they make an entry at a crucial moment of marriage and then continue with the most danceable themes. Everything will depend on how passionate the couple and guests are for this noisier genre.

8. Pop

A pop group is more open to interpreting music of all nationalities and orders of the couple. Given the nature of the genre, it is possible to have them throughout your party making your guests dance, to the rhythm of Shakira, Jennyfer Lopez, Rihana, Alejandro Sanz or Juanes. Less tasty than tropical but just as cheerful.

9. Jazz and blues

There are as many musical genres as there are types of orchestras, so if you are more classical and want something less upset and emphasize the enjoyment of a good conversation under the sound of saxophone and trumpet, bet for sure by a sextet or quartet, jazz / blues or why not, jazz-Afro-Peruvian, who will also add the dance note if they wish.

10. Mariachis

Of all the musical ensembles are the most versatile and acclaimed by the female audience. They have a more than particular clothing and besides putting your people to dance they will make you sing with a loose throat.

11. Chorus

They are perfect for the ceremony and the moment of starting your banquet. They will give you a unique profile.

Whatever the type of orchestra they choose for their marriage, they should know that by hiring it they are guaranteeing the admiration of their own and strangers.

The rockers who wanted to do EDM

When there is a mixture of genres, the fanned experiments may fail quickly or be simply amazing. Among the collaborations of electronic, rock and diverse music of their subgenres, the results hardly usually fail in the attempt. Skrillex, Steve Aoki and The Bloody Beetroots are some frequent clients of this extensive list, so who says rocker beats do not exist?

Linkin Park by Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes

If there is someone who, besides jumping and throwing cakes all over the world, can collaborate with different bands and / or artists, it is Steve Aoki. Linkin Park is a band with which you could feel identified in your high school years and in your work, with the native of Miami, give an electronic touch to their already characteristic style. Just before the release of the single, Linkin Park and Steve Aoki were together on stage in Japan, and although not a collaboration that the world needs, it worked quite well.

Fall Out Boy feat. Steve Aoki – Back to Earth

Steve Aoki will release at the end of August, “Neon Future”, his second studio album. Perhaps after listening to Krewella’s “Dancing With The Devil” and meeting Fall Out Boy 12 months ago, the mobile DJ Melbourne / producer was encouraged to work with the iconic Chicago band, resulting in a versatile track that can be replicated in the radio and reach the first places besides fitting in the dance floors.

Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People

You play Wonderland and the first track you hear is Steve Aoki’s energetic collaboration with Weezer vocalist and guitarist, Rivers Cuomo. The debut album of the American DJ / producer is full of lively songs that will not let you sit while playing. Maybe I could have been a better job and have a less psychedelic and strange video but to be the beginning, it was not so bad.

Krewella feat. Patrick Stump & Travis Barker – Dancing With The Devil

A collaboration that happened by chance arises from Krewella’s debut album entitled, “Get Wet.” Travis Barker does an exceptional job and without a doubt, Patrick Stump could be the third vocalist of the band from Chicago. The voices of the Yousaf sisters and “Rain Man” delight us with their characteristics and unmistakable mixes that have made the trio popular.

Tiësto feat. Tegan & Sara – Feel It In My Bones

The already chameleonic Tiësto premiered in the second half of 2009 a collaboration with Tegan & Sara, an indie pop duo of Canadian sisters. Whenever the DJ / producer experiences, he does it with a certainty that augurs him success and that “Feel It In My Bones” was a spectacular result that I am sure, made you sing and dance without stopping.

Paul Oakenfold feat. Shifty Shellshock – Starry Eyed Surprise

Hey DJ! More than a decade ago, when Paul Oakenfold was one of the few DJs that you placed without being very involved in the scene, he collaborated with Shifty Shellshock, the vocalist of Crazy Town to bring, “Starry Eyed Surprise”, which reached the 41st place on the Billboard Hot 100. We are sure that it is one of the first collaborations and without a doubt, one of the biggest hits of a few years ago.

Cheer up! Enjoy the benefits of music for pregnant women

We already know that the more we stimulate our  baby  from the first moment, the better his emotional development and learning will be, but did you know that we can start doing it before he is born? Scientific advances have shown that everything experienced during  pregnancy  determines certain behavior in the future of the child, that is why we are currently recommended to start stimulating the baby since he is in the womb.

The sounds, for example, stimulate the sensory capacities of the baby from our womb, and music is an effective tool to improve this process, due to this it is normal that many times we recommend  listening to music for pregnant women as a way to create bonds between the baby and the world around us , and thus encourage their learning.

How does music affect pregnant women?

Several studies show that the baby has already developed its five senses since before birth. Hearing is the only sense that allows the baby to connect with the outside world from inside our womb and develops during the fifth month of pregnancy, from then on the baby gradually begins to hear and recognize different sounds, from the heartbeats to our voice, thus creating a special connection with us and the world around us.

However, words are not the only means we have to communicate with our baby, music also serves as a powerful catalyst of emotions, stimulating the baby’s heart rate, encouraging the development of their hearing system and strengthening their learning process.

Does the baby listen to music for pregnant women?

With the help of our obstetrician from we can notice that when the baby listens to our voices or some music, his heart rate and breathing patterns   change, and we can even observe and feel how he moves in response to these sounds.

In fact, an article published by the  Natural Magazine  ensures that the baby is able to remember the melodies he heard while he was in our womb even weeks after his birth.

When the baby hears our voices or some music, it responds to the stimuli with movements or changes in their heartbeat and breathing.

Benefits of listening to music for pregnant women

Listening to music during pregnancy has many benefits not only for our baby, but also for us as well. These are only some of them.

1. Benefits for us

Listening to music is not only good for the baby, it is also good for us, it helps us to express our emotions in a healthier way, to relax and produce endorphins that will make us feel well, transmitting that feeling of relaxation and peace to the baby . If we feel happy and healthy our baby will be happy and healthy too.

woman listening to music

When we relax listening to music we transmit that feeling of peace to our baby

2 Benefits for the baby

When we use music constantly to communicate with our baby before birth, we strengthen their associative capacity, we promote a greater expression of their emotions, we contribute in the development of their language, we increase their capacity for concentration and learning, we improve their sleep and his feeding, we transmit a feeling of relaxation and peace, and we connect emotionally even more with him.

However,  the positive effects of music for pregnant women depend to a large extent on how relaxed we feel when we are listening to the melody.  If we enjoy listening to the songs, then our baby will too.

headphones on the belly of a pregnant woman
The music for pregnant women that makes us feel active also transmits the feeling of joy to the baby

What is the best music for pregnant women?

According to the Master in Psychobiology and Cognitive neuroscience, Jordi A. Jauset the type of music is the least important,  what really matters when choosing music for pregnant women is to look for songs that we like to listen to , however, always we can try new melodies. The following list contains authors and songs that according to studies help to awaken specific emotions in people who listen

Sites to download music to your BlackBerry

One of the concerns that many users have is how to download music directly from the Blackberry PGP. That’s why here, in ZarBlackberry, we present some alternatives to be able to do it easily, many of them known, but summarized in this post:

This is a simple search engine that allows us to search music, video and software. Like the other similar alternatives, Dilandau shows its results from different sources such as free hosting sites, search engines, blogs, etc. and for the videos he also uses Stage6.

It can be said that the search engine only stands out for its simplicity and speed, in addition to being very updated, this page does not have many options just listen and download in the case of music).

Another good alternative is MP3XD which is a very simple place where we can listen and download mp3 music online. Like Dilandau, it shows us its results from the search engines and has a mobile version so we can access from our BlackBerry device and download the songs we want.

Another alternative is cocawap, which works in the same way as those mentioned above. This site must be accessed from our mobile device, since if you enter from the computer you can not do almost anything.

Another one of the most accepted sites when downloading music and which is very well known, is the so-called 4shared

This page is very good, it allows you to search and get all the list of the songs of the artist you are looking for

Very good option when you want to listen to the song before downloading it. It also has its own official blog with the most up-to-date news, videos and lyrics from your favorite artist.

It is very similar to AresOnLine and another good alternative to listen and download high quality MP3 music.

Last but not least, I recommend wapdam (formerly known as waptrick). On this page you can download free real music, free real ringtones, free background screens, free animations, free logos, free adult videos, etc.

Police and locksmiths raise the alarm about the ‘bumping’

They can open a lock in a matter of five seconds, with two simple hammer blows or a similar object – even a shoe is enough – enter the houses in an exhalation and take everything they can, as long as they can easily transport it without attracting attention .

The Police warns of the itinerant gangs that are dedicated to raid houses by the method of ‘bumping’, which uses a special master key, but also points out that in many of the robberies that occur in the Region the thieves enter the houses Through the window. They focus mainly on the suburbs of large cities, with easy access to highways, to flee at the fastest speed. They leave no trace, they do not even stay in hotels or pensions. They usually act in holiday periods, although the National Police has not detected a significant increase in Murcia in the recently ended Holy Week and Spring Festival.

The method used leaves no mark on the doors, so it can not be detected by the naked eye. The Murcia National Police ensures that, after each theft with force, an investigation is initiated, and that at this moment there are several important ones underway, of which there will be news in the coming dates.

The protagonists of this wave of robberies use the same method to enter the houses. After sneaking into the portal of the building, they go knocking door to door, to locate empty homes. They perpetrate their robberies in the mornings, between eight and two in the afternoon, the hours in which the neighbors usually leave to work or make the purchase.

The method used by the band, the ‘bumping’, requires a few seconds. It consists in introducing a special master key in the security lock. The key is provided with points, notches or recesses in the lowest position reached by the pistons of the bolt. Once inserted, one or two strokes are enough to move the internal springs, which causes the lock to open. The bands that are acting in several Spanish provinces also use some mechanical pick or electric drill, a method that destroys the locks.

Once the lock is forced, the thieves enter the houses and take objects that are easy to transport without spending much time in each house. The thieves are mainly preyed on a certain security lock brand that was very popular in Spain during the nineties.

Obsolete locks
The Union of Locksmiths of Spanish Safety (UCES), which groups 300 security companies in the country, including three companies in the region, estimates that 80% of locks in Spain are obsolete, so urges the regional and local administrations to carry out a ‘plan renovation’ to replace the old ones. “There is no lock that can not be opened, but you can put minutes at the door, so that thieves take longer to open them and desist trying,” according to a spokesman UCES, an organization that groups 300 locksmiths in Spain. This group believes that public administrations should subsidize the renovation of old locks.

The UCES is also concerned about another aspect that has been observed for about five years, and is the sale of master keys and other locksmith tools through the Internet. Another intolerable aspect, according to the organization, is the proliferation of “contests” and “tutorials” on YouTube that teach how to open a door silently and cleanly. “More than teaching locksmithing, these tutorials are a school to train homeless people,” complains UCES, which asks to limit such content on the Internet.

At present, an anti-bumping or anti-drill lock can be purchased for 100 or 150 euros. According to UCES, the former have a pendulum or spring that prevents the master key from acting. There are different models that slow down robbery by thieves, such as the Mauer, the more affordable R6, the R 100 or the Kaba, among others. The anti-drill locks make the cylinder literally go crazy, that is, it starts spinning, so that the drill does not accomplish its task of eroding the pistons of the lock.
For higher prices you can buy locks much safer, which have laser sensors that lock the lock in case you enter a strange key. Any precaution is small compared to the ingenuity of friends of others, who always go ahead. For more information visit locksmith Epping.

Movies about music to delight the ears

It is very difficult to make a list with the best hdmovie2k movies about music , because it is an element that is everywhere. There are numerous stories of singers or bands, and many more about musicians or dancers. However, there are a few that we can consider the best for any music lover, and here I leave them to delight your ears:

# 8 Empire Records

Empire Records is an independent record company, and it wants to stay separate from the big corporations. However, this will become complicated as time passes, entering into the middle several personal problems of employees.

# 7 This is Spinal Tap

For those who like rock hardcore I recommend  This is Spinal Tap . The film follows the band Spinal Tap on a tour, undressing their problems and crises. It is considered one of the best films of this style.

# 6 Amadeus

Amadeus gives us a glimpse into the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the well-known composer. His career was not easy, and this is demonstrated in this film where all his personal problems are exposed and mixed with his love for music.

# 5 Farinelli

In the time of Farinelli ( Stefano Dionisi ) it was customary to castrate the children with a good voice, so that they maintained it forever and they were singers. Farinelli was the most recognized of them, although few existed that really triumphed. Admired and repudiated at the same time, he takes refuge in his musical talent and fills the theaters with admirers.

# 4 Almost Famous

A high school boy has the opportunity to write for Rolling Stone magazine, and follow a rock band on his tour. However, he realizes that the lights and the flashes have much more behind than it seems.

# 3 Walk the Line

Walk the Line is based on the true story of June Carter and Johnny Cash , two big stars from the United States. It portrays the personal problems of both love and conflicting relationships.

# 2 8 Mile

Being a rapper is not easy, and Eminem proves it in this film unveiling the personal problems of a young musician. It is one of the few films that show the scope of rap, so if you like music, I recommend watching it.

# 1 School of Rock

Jack Black is an actor, but music is a very important factor in his life and that is why in many movies he has played music lovers or musicians. In this is an unemployed man who pretends to be a school teacher. There he teaches all about rock to his students and leads them to participate in a contest, surprising all with his abilities.

Artists’ mascots

Dogs, cats, monkeys and even kinkajous … some singers are very well accompanied

The dog is man’s best friend, it is a saying of the most popular and celebrity should know it because most have mascot. The dog is the most common but there are also cats. And if we get exotic, even monkeys or kinkajous. The fact is that many singers feel tremendous love for their animals and share it through social networks. Today we will know a few.


Miley Cyrus , themainstream rebel girl, takes her most tenderside when she’s with her pets, four dogs named Happy , Bean , Mary Jane and Penny Lane .Until last April 1 also had Floyd , a Siberian hasky. “Today is the second but day of my life. I do not want to talk about it because I do not want it to be true … but my precious baby Floyd is deceased. I’m broken, “he wrote on his twitter. He clearly has a passion for his animals. Floyd is not the only dog he has lost, in 2012, after suffering the attack of his bulldog Ziggy , his terrier Lila died. Finally gave away the bulldog. In fact,

Such is the passion he feels for his dogs that he did not hesitate to buy a car, valued at just over 100,000 euros, just to transportthem.


They say that a person is known by the mascot he has. Well, that of Taylor Swift is a kitten. “Her name is Meredith Gray because she’s a gray cat, and because I love Gray’s Anatomy . She is amazing. It is one of those cats that gives cats a good reputation. It does not hide under furniture or act strange when surrounded by people. She is very nice and funny and is perfect to take her on a trip because she never gets scared. So, I’m very proud that she has her own personality, “she told US Weekly. It is clear that Taylor is in love and not of any boy but of his kitten to which it carries in all its trips.


“His name is Blas , he is 6 years old, he is a very nice English bulldog, very vague and affectionate. He lives with me and walks every day for half an hour, ” Dani Martin told Maxim Huerta for Divinity, back in 2011. The singer turned his dog into a celebrity when he took it on the cover of Pequeño , his first solo album. And is that Dani is a lover of dogs, “Since I was little I always had dogs, but this breed is super special for me,” he added in the interview. Now, Blas, will have the company of Pistachio , Blanca Suarez’s dog . If the animals unite a lot.


Juanes is another lover of animals and in his home in Medellin has several dogs with which he speaks, as he wrote on his twitter. But if there is an important dog in his life that is Dante who came home before his son son who also decided to put the same name. So, at home, why put the child the name of the father can put the dog’s. Joking aside, it is clear that the Colombian loves their animals and, from time to time, teaches us by twitter.


“I always take a tour of a photo of my two dogs, Lucas and Grammy . The latter died last year and was a terrible loss for me. He expressed the same feelings as a human being and became very sad when I had to leave and began to pack. He was one of my best friends, ” Enrique Iglesias told Parade magazine in 2012. After Grammy’s death, Jack arrived and is now Lucas’s inseparable friend. This is the name of the dogs of Enrique who are among the most pampered, as he himself has confessed on occasion, and that despairs Anna Kournikova who is the one who has to deal with them in the day to day. But without a doubt, Jack, the most mediatic after celebrating his first birthday,


Lady Gaga does not know how to live without a dog. Last year we were able to see her in mourning after the death of Alice , the family dog. On her twitter she wrote: “My little dog Alice died. We had to put her to sleep, the cancer ate my little angel. My dad is so sad. We lost a member of our family. ” In 2009 also mourned the death of Rumpus , the dog that we can see in videos like Poker Face or Paparazzi . He was followed by Fozzi , his labrador dog with whom he travels on all sides. A dog that has already been photographed, even by the famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson who published a book of photos of Lady Gaga. By the way, according to the singer, her pet has wood as an artist, “Lady Gaga is training Fozzi to be an artist. He ties colored pencils to its paws and places it on top of a paper. His entire team already has a portrait of him, “a source close to The Sun newspaper said.


Morrisey , Krusty The Cat and Kitty Purry , that’s what cats are called Katy Perry . The singer, who on more than one occasion has manifested her obsession with cats adopted Kruty The Cat when she was married to Russell Brand . When they divorced in 2012, she won custody. But, his cat more mediatic is Kitty Purry, name that has nothing to do with his but it is a game of words between Hello Kitty and purring in English. We can see her kitten in the I kissed a girl video . It is always close, even when traveling.


Last year Belinda received for her birthday a gift of the most exotic. His ex, Giovanni Medina , obtained the necessary papers so that the parents of the singer gave him two capuchin monkeys. She should have seen his face when she received the surprise. Hopefully he will take better care of them than Justin Bieber who left his monkey Milly a few months ago in Germany.


The kinkajou, also called honey bear or sugar, or monkey cat, is a species of raccoon family. And it is not that we are going to put National Geographic but you will know exactly what was one of the first pets of Paris Hilton . It is an endangered species from Latin America that gave it more than a scare. In fact, he ended up in the hospital after being bitten by Baby Luv , which is what he called him. Then came the cats, the ferrets and the dogs, their favorites. In fact, she was a pioneer in publicly showing her chihuahua. Now your pets have their own mansion and now they are building a movie theater. Eccentricities of the rich.


In 2012 Bruno Mars bought his first puppy, a rottweiler named Geronimo . “My dream was to have a dog. I wanted a big one, “he told Now he has it, and confesses that “they bite and ruin all your furniture, shoes and stuff”. But he is happy with it.

High performance and high performance light projector for theaters and events

With an intense beam of light projecting up to 150 ‘, Pro FS 15R is the new medium-shot tracking illumination that Elation Professional has developed for theaters, shows and events of any dimension.


Elation Professional , manufacturer of lighting systems, has available its new barrel of light tracking medium shot Pro FS 15R, which equips an efficient source Platinum to project Beamer Testsieger flat field, from 6 to 10 degrees to 150 ‘, without Access point, especially indicated where manual control of a beam of intense light, such as theaters, shows and events of any size is required.

Pro FS 15R has an efficient optical anti – reflection lens system combined with a lamp Philips MSD Platinum 15R to produce 13,500 lumens of cool white light 8000º K. The lamp operates at a maximum power consumption of only 320 watts, with greater durability than a traditional discharge lamp and without adjustment or cleaning of the reflector.

The system incorporates seven interchangeable dichroic colors that reproduce perfectly with a variable CTB / CTO filter and allows color temperature adjustment, with framing, frost and iris of superior assembly and variable regulation for smooth fades.

With a two-year warranty from Elation, Pro FS 15R features an automatic detection power supply for use anywhere in the world, an advantage for rental companies looking for a high-performance, compact and easy-to-use solution. Remote control panel with floor support.

The balance of the musician

What does the balance of the musician mean? A healthy musician?

It is interesting to analyze the person-instrument relationship in its four aspects:

  • the physical
  • The intellectual
  • The emotional
  • The spiritual

To get a good relationship, we need to analyze them and develop them one by one as completely and correctly as possible.

If we give more importance to one of the four aspects mentioned above, our experience will not be balanced.

For example those who pay attention only to the physical aspect, to develop technical skills, may find that they know very well the theory about what music is; But may be unable to express it through an instrument.

By the same token, those who work only the physical aspect (ie, technical, etc.), could achieve a very good speed and technique of execution, which generally impresses the public, but without the emotional and spiritual elements, would be As a kind of “sports music”.

Musical instruments are often catalysts for personal growth, but unless we use them in a correct and efficient way, we run the risk of developing poor techniques that can lead to injuries (sore hands, blisters, tendon problems, Or worse). All this limits our expression, and can bring us problems in our health.

This does not mean that to enjoy our music it is necessary to acquire a high level of musical mastery.

On the contrary some musicians only fall into the error of worrying about the development of technique or emotion. A professional musician, when he transmits his music, may be concerned with how sound waves strike the body; But you also have to be interested in all other aspects, how we feel, both physically and emotionally.

The musician must develop as many aspects of his mastery as possible, must have musical interest and go beyond his perceived limitations.

For all this we will talk about the four aspects that allow us to achieve a melodiously complete musicians.

Physical appearance

Is the technique the key? Studying with the best teachers is important; These can put the student in a good musical path.
Good teachers show their students the most efficient way to make music, giving immediate correction (when necessary), to prevent bad habits from being created.

In a first job, it is important that the students develop a good technique; Working a good technique from the beginning, helps us not to have problems in the future, both physical and musical.

There are different ways of analyzing someone’s technique; One should be established as a mirror at the time of practice, this provides immediate correction as to the hand, arm and position of the body in general, and will allow the musician (student) to make the necessary modifications.

Another option is to videotape a practice session and review it later, preferably with a teacher who can advise you on improvement needs and offer technical advice on how to correct problems.

Listen to your body !! If not, we can do things that damage it, we could cause continuous problems and dangerous for our body !!

Relax your shoulders, jaw, wrists, etc … before the instrument!

Perhaps if the body reacts by sending some pain, we will understand that we must change our position, for example, we touch the timbales with too much tension in our hands; To change this, do we need a blister in our hand? Pain is the way the body has to alert you; The wound is an ultimatum; We can not argue with our body, it knows what we can and can not do.

We have to pay attention to our body when we play; Also remember that we are not all equal; Working in the same way is not always the best thing for all people, because we are all different; We have to look for the best working format for us and not generalize.

The essential thing is that our movements are natural, and with the least possible deviation from the correct position.

When we do not hear the warning signs, we get a special gift from our body: this is our jury.

Some of the remedies that we can use are:

  1. Rest: This looks like the joke in which the patient says , “Doctor, it hurts when I do this”; And the Doctor replies “stop it”; There is much wisdom in this simple answer; The “rest” is a good remedy.
  2. Ice: Ice helps get oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue, controlling the flow of blood in a specified area. This also reduces swelling; After a day or two, cold ice and heat do well alternating at 15-minute intervals.
  3. Homeopathic remedies: If we want to be topical at this point, a good remedy is an application of arnica. This gentle herb comes in lotion and gel, and can help us reduce pain and restore functionality in sore areas.
  4. Massage: In our body tensions occur when it focuses on an area, we have problems, pain, then if not we prevent a disease. Massages can help us to eliminate these tensions. Visit you nearest chiroprator.
  5. Protection: Sometimes you need ear plugs; Loss of auditory sense is the main concern for many musicians, such as percussionists, especially drummers.

The best thing to stay healthy, of course is not to hurt yourself first, even if there are ways and ways to reduce the pain. But one must learn to sit, to stand, and to move in the most efficient way to reduce muscle tension and increase the body’s natural energy.

Perhaps the Alexander technique (method developed by HF Alexander) for back, neck, etc … that works the correct position as a way to minimize tension can be useful.

Intellectual Aspect

It is important to have basic knowledge about our instrument, this helps us to enjoy our music more. Although our body is responsible for producing sound, and help us to get the best possible; We should work on the history, different and variations of our instruments. We should know how they are made, who makes them, how to make minor repairs, etc …

Another important aspect is to know the musical possibilities of our instrument; We must work the different written treatises on our instrument in order to understand it and advance our technique.

All this comes to say that we should listen to a lot of music, read, go to concerts, work with a teacher (if possible with an open mind), etc.

Reading a musical repertoire is another way of expanding knowledge about the instrument; In the intentions of a beginner must be, to continuously analyze the way we play, corrections, etc … so we can move forward and master an instrument.

Emotional Aspect

Without emotional content, music has little meaning; For an effective musician to develop a musical vocabulary that offers more than just notes and rhythms, “we must be able to evoke the change of the emotional state of the listener.”

In order to express oneself through music, one must not only touch those feelings in oneself, but also know how to communicate them, transmit them with an instrument.

Limitations are useful to learn and understand what other artists did to express themselves, but it is not enough to just stay there. We must use all our musical knowledge to find our own voice, experimenting with different sounds and discovering how they affect us.

We began to become musicians using elements of our experiences, using our imagination and creating things that did not exist before.

Writing music is a very good way to examine our emotional relationship with our world.

Spiritual Aspect

People have used music to complement spiritual practices for centuries.

All kinds of instruments can be associated with “spiritual” music, voice, drums, harp, etc. ….

Percussion instruments in particular have been used to accompany sacred practices, some examples are frame drums used by ancient Egyptian priestesses, Bata drums used by Afro-Cuban Santeros, tambourine used in gospel music through the USA. UU. All these percussions are related to the evocation of feelings and connection with a higher power and vice versa.

We can make great progress on a spiritual level when the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of music are at a good level.

When all aspects of our practice are at a good level and balanced, we will find that we will also grow on the spiritual level.

In summary

The physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual goals that we pose can affect our health in many ways and each one of these areas can affect others.

Creating a solid building from scratch will help us ensure a good musical product.

We should be careful from the outset in these four areas mentioned, for a good development of each one equally, and not only in the physical (technical, etc …) aspects, which are the a priori, seem more important to musician.

Often the musician modifies his technique, position, when it is too late. We have to listen to the body when it suggests to us that we modify certain habits that are damaging us, and to learn as much as we can of the body, mind and spirit.

The best face masks for music artists and celebrities use before attending the Oscars

Get ready to shine like a star …

Ready for the Oscars entails a preparation that goes beyond simply what we see (that usually is hair and makeup), and this includes the various skin treatments.

While not everyone can visit the same celebrity dermatologist or retouch details with a laser, if we can imitate the care of our favorite actresses and acquire some of those products that make them look so radiant.

Here are 5 of the masks that Hollywood makeup artists used the most for their A-list clients to triumph on this year’s red carpet:

1. Mask to recover the skin of Orlane

“I like to use this pilaten cream for tired skin, suffering from jet-lag” says the stylist Matin Maulawizada , whose clients include Claire Danes and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  “I apply it all over the face, neck and décolleté, and I let it act while fixing my hair to my celebrity.Then I remove it with a toner and start my work of skin care and makeup.This product literally breaks down Of all the stress of the skin. ”

2. Clay Tilbury Clay Face Mask (coming out next month).

The makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury used this mask on her clients Amal Clooney and Sienna Miller just before the Golden Globes last month, calling him “The facial of 10 minutes amazing for the red carpet” because it hides imperfections such as pores and lines Expression, softens and creates a natural shine for the application of makeup.

3. The Enzyme Peel Pharmacy Organic Mask

“I use this mask when presented me with some famous super congested scaly skin , ” says Maulawizada . “It is very good for people who have skin that is rough to the touch and those whose composition does not mix and looks irregular.”

4. Mask with enzymesTalika

“I like my stars treatments are made the day before the ceremony, while relaxing before sleep, eat, or watch TV , ” says the professional makeup Inglessis Melanie, who works with Rosamund Pike and Lea Michele . “I like moisturizers, like the Talika, nothing purifying or exfoliating / peeling, I leave them in the face while my clients rest and remove them with rose water and a cotton in the morning, or I tell them to remove it with cold water and Then apply rose water. ” The makeup of the famous Nick Barose is also considered fanatical. “It’s very easy to use, it’s comfortable, and you can see immediate results with light, fluffy skin.”

5. Moisturizing mask with Banana and Avocado Juara

“My foolproof way to combat dry especially in winter, this natural remedy is mascara , ” says makeup artist Kerrie Urban , who is responsible for fixing actresses of the likes of Keira Knightley , Cate Blanchett  and Chloe Moretz . “For optimum results, clean and exfoliate your face with a steam bath, followed by 10 minutes of this cream … it will give that red carpet to your face and as an extra, you can use it in your hair as well A deep conditioning treatment. “


Sports, training, fitshoppro reviews and fitness routines are often accompanied by music, and many athletes enjoy it and consider motivating.

Recently, the results of a study by the University of Hannover indicated that listening to music during exercise contributes to improved physical performance. Now, Dr. Costas Karageorghis, of Brunel University in England, joined Spotify, a streaming service online music in order to create the ideal list to maximize the energy of those who train reproduction.

For the study, more than 6.7 million music compilations created exercise with the goal of finding the songs that motivate athletes of the country were analyzed. The final list playback reached by the researchers is based on the popularity of songs, combined with the effects they cause in sports performance according to their tempo, style and content.

The researcher Costas Karageorghis, who is deputy head of research at the School of sports and education that university, said: “When movements with the rhythm of the music are synchronized, the training intensity is increased by raising the tempo in one or two beats per minute (BPM); this will increase the rate of exercise, with the added value that the difference in the effort will be almost imperceptible. ”

He added that “a list of motivational reproduction can help ‘coloring’ symptoms of fatigue product exercise, such as agitation or shortness of breath, so they are interpreted more positively. This means that at the point where the body is asking to stop, music has the power to lift the mood and invite stick with exercise. ”

During the course of the study, the research team found that men and women exercise with different songs to help break the pain barrier and not give up. For example, while men prefer to take forces with the Eye of the Tiger song from the movie Rocky III, women choose to listen to Rhianna or Lady Gaga. In addition, the study also showed that women exercise more in the morning before breakfast with rhythmic pop songs and well, and men do at night to the rhythm of hip hop songs.

Angela Watts, Spotify, explained that by combining the analysis of 6.7 million playlists in conjunction with the research of Dr. Costas, created the playlist called The Ultimate Workout to give the best possible motivation athletes.And while the choice of music that makes each person to train is subjective and depends on your preferences, then we share the Navy list from this study.

What a coffee sound?

Can you imagine that you are invited to participate in a tasting of new varieties of coffee and just listening to a song that represents the essence of all the coffees test? It seems difficult, but it is real.

Coffee maker Carte Noire has been the architect of this explosive mixture of flavor and music. The brand organized at L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre a public tasting of new capsules cafes Carte Noire, you can also check visit this link, which ended turned into a ‘flashmob’ with dancers and a concert by a group of students from the Liceo Conservatory as a symphony orchestra and other artists of contemporary music and urban styles.

Tasting new coffee capsules compatible Carte Noire did not leave indifferent to any of the attendees. After randomly pick a person visiting the mall, he was invited to try the four new varieties of coffee Carte Noire … But with a surprise! With every sip sounded live a melody, amixture of contemporary and classical music, that ‘translated’ and reinterpreted in a pentagram personality coffee was testing the person chosen.

The first surprise came when elected tested the coffee Carte Noire Espresso No. 3, when started playing cello with Chavez Dj mix. Something similar happened when took the first sip of coffee Carte Noire No.. 5 delicate Espresso. In this case, the chosen instrument was a flute, accompanied by Santi Vaamonde programming. The third issue devoted to coffee Carte Noire No.. 7 Espresso Aromatique was played by the violin with percussion Didak Fernandez, while the fourth and last issue, dedicated to Café Carte Noire No.. 9 Espresso Intense, was given by the piano and Flowtizta Beatbox.

After hearing the issues separately, the finale came when the four themes merged into one, adding voice and symphony orchestra arrangements, resulting in a unique song that represented the essence of the four Carte Noire coffees.

The songs have been composed by Benjamin Davies and Francisco Suarez (both professors of Conservatorio del Liceu), in collaboration with MUWOM (musical company Carlos Jean), while the arrangements and orchestrations are Benjamin Davies, apart from teacher it is also head of composition at the Conservatory of Music Lyceum.

With this show , Carte Noire has shown that in addition rhythm, melody, harmony … intensity and also music taste.

Put on a rock concert


Find the bands play at the concert. Often, a rock concert is centered around a main act is on tour and one or two bands that are opening smaller or tourism or local level. Ask your friends if they know anyone who wants to play a show, and the headlining band ask if you have ideas for opening acts. The total number of bands on an invoice is usually two or three.

Finding a place to host the show. This could be anything with a space large enough for a band to set up and an audience to dance. When asked if the seats would be able to host a rock concert, be sure to record the dates and times that the seat is available, the type of music that would, if this is a place for all ages, and if l ‘alcohol is allowed.You can try to call bars, community centers, friends with big wineries and other space than you probably think, private or public.

Set the date and time of a rock concert. This means confirming an appointment with age and location, and know when the show should start counting backwards from that moment that must end. For example, if the show should end at midnight, and there are two bands, the headliner must play from 10:45 until midnight, and the opening band should play 9: 15-10: 15. Doors, therefore, must be open at 8:30 pm This will vary depending on the time of installation and disassembly required for each band, and for how long you want the whole is.

Advertising. Use all available methods to promote your online networking program for word of mouth, flyers and brochures photocopied colors. The general public is switched on, the more money you will place the bands and further promoting the band and get more fun everyone will have.

Finding people to stand in front of the door. These people have money and identification admission control, if necessary. Set with labels or markers and a safe box money. If the rock concert takes place in a bar, the bar can provide people with doors like a gorilla.

Make the appropriate place for music. softer and asks candles placed around the room rock. Rock with a strong pace must be accompanied by a beautiful clear the floor, dance. Some rock concerts can also call for chairs around the edges of the room.

Be available during the show. Try to delegate as many jobs as possible for others, for you to be able to run between the representatives of the office, people at the door and bands, and to keep an eye on the audience as well.

Finally, make sure that you are able to close the place at the right time. This will keep you in good standing with the place and the local police (to get a closing time violation sound). You may have to be pushy to get people to disperse, the lights turn on and turn off the music.

Help with cleaning – the last band still have to break, and you may need to organize a professional stain cleaning team to clean up after the hearing.

Ricky Martin is going Christian Grey style coffee

Or that’s what we are trying to sell from a popular brand of coffee with a notice fully based on the aesthetics of the popular trilogy of novels. It’s just not that suddenly we have learned that Ricky Martin will be Christian Grey in the film, but it ‘s going to take that design their coffee machine rental for offices, who happens to be very similar to the muchi millonario.

That the same we would not have given much consideration beyond that Ricky Martin is in costume, he called a secretary who looks dangerously diffident Anastasia Steele but with granny glasses to better visualize and it comes with all the fear of the planet to talk to the muchimillonario the awesomely glass office and reminds him that he has to pick holidays and such. From moment we can be reassured that the role Jamie Dornan is not removed. I believe.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, it seems like an egg to a chestnut in everything in general. Yes, she wears all modosita and Ricky Martin is in costume , but rather colored coffee plantation , no gray, and is the buenrollista and adorable holiday boss who gives his secretary. The same we are doing some hands it to us to be jumping on the bandwagon of what may seem or not to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. But hey, the view is good and Ricky is reguapo . And the same until coffee is good.

How to learn English with music: the best singers

Everyone likes music. From the walkman mobile, it has always been with us. Learn English with music is one of the most fun and entertaining methods; also effective. It helps us in improving our pronunciation, to memorize new vocabulary and even accustom the ear. In this post we want to capture some of the singers who can help you practice your English; but first there are a number of steps that will teach you como aprender ingles rapidamente and make this method something truly effective:

  1. You hear a song you like: it is the most important, you have to enjoy what you hear.
  2. Listen to it again and again: the more you listen, the better you will understand your letter. It will be helpful to memorize vocabulary.
  3. Try singing it without looking at the letter: it is the best way to accustom your ear to the language.
  4. Sing it with the letter ahead: looking for the meaning of all the words you do not understand.

Now we’ll talk about some of the singers whose songs you can be helpful:

  1. The Beatles: A classic among classics. Learning songs will be very easy because they are fun and easy to understand.

Two of their best songs are: ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Let it be’ .

  1. U2: the best option if what you want is to soak up new vocabulary. The Irish group is diverse topics, from the social and cultural commitment to religion.

We recommend the following songs: ‘With or without you’ or ‘Beautiful day’.

  1. Beyoncé: presents catchy songs with lyrics easy to understand. ‘ Single ladies’ and ‘If I were a boy’ are two very good choices.
  1. Rolling Stones: British rock band contemporary. Some of his songs are considered the best of all time. The leisurely pace of many of his subjects facilitate learning English. Opt for something like ‘Brown sugar’ and‘Satisfaction’.
  1. Dover: if the American and British accent you resist … nothing better to try a Spanish group sing in English.His “Spanish intonation” will be of great help to understand in detail the lyrics of his songs.

We highlight two of his best songs: ‘Devil came to me’ and ‘Serenade’.

You know, now you can learn English using fun methods. With Blazaar we can help, you just hire a session with the tutor of English you want and get going. A new way to learn a single click.

The bookkeeper of Musicians at Auschwitz

The SS officer Oskar Gröning served for two years in the concentration camp Auschwitz.Counting the money from the dead Jews and was on duty at the ramp when freight trains unloaded their human cargo unhappy. He says he has not committed any crime. During the last sixty years, Groening has found another way to call guilt.

The birds are singing outside; a soft, warm breeze comes from the garden and delicately enters the living. An old, tall and powerful man, with his white hair and blue eyes, sitting on a chair near the fireplace. Three angels are embroidered on a tablecloth.
The man rests his right leg on a stool. It is peaceful, calm and gently talks about the history of the man who once was.
“It got a new shipment. He had been assigned to the ramp and my job was to take care ofthe luggage. The Jews had already been taken away. Around me the floor was littered with garbage, debris scattered belongings. Suddenly I heard a crying baby. He lay on the ramp wrapped in rags. A mother had left him perhaps because he knew that women with children were sent immediately to the gas chambers. I saw another soldier SS soldier take the baby by the feet. The tears had bothered him. Smashed the child’s head against the iron edge of a wheelbarrow until the silence. ”
The man looks outside the living room window, almost motionless. His thumb comes and goes over the edge of his seat like a metronome. Outside, the sun shines on the neat row of brick houses around, with carefully tended, weeded gardens. Oskar Gröning lives in a neat and orderly world. Unbuttons and raises his left sleeve. “Here,” he says, “look at this.”
There is a small blue spot on his elbows, the memory of a tattoo. ” I was badly done,” he says. It was supposed to be a zero, representing the blood type 0. All were tattooed in Auschwitz, both prisoners and guards. Jews were tattooed with their numbers as internal and SS guards with their blood type. Oskar Gröning was a member of the SS in Auschwitz for two years.
His dreams wake cries often. The cries become thunder, thunder in whispers and murmurs quietly. They are the sounds of death in the gas chambers.
A world organized in terror
Gröning without embardo, did not kill anyone. He did not pour Zyklon B into the cracks or burned piles of dead. He looked. He saw. He was there. Shoqueado at first. Then indifferent. It became routine.
He lived in an organized world and its order claimed that the terror of the concentration camps could be compartmentalized, apart from the foundations of civilization. Terror was conceived in clear hierarchical structures and schemes closely regulated service designations tasks and positions, which determined that someone was a bookkeeper and another a Cloud bookkeeper.
Gröning was a bookkeeper, a good conscientious. Counting the money of the Jews, he separated and cataloged and kept in a safe. It was the bookkeeper of terror.

There is a photo album on the coffee table, Gröning’s life in pictures. Two thirds of the photos are in black and white, the last third color. But the pictures do not reveal anything of what he means. Gröning just wants to talk, for hours, days, “no matter how long,” he says, “talking helps.”
Oskar Gröning, born in 1921, it is one of the few members of the SS who still lives. Its history, a German history is a story of seduction and fanaticism, perpetrators and accomplices of living with guilt and search for other words to call. It is a story of a man attempted to overcome such a dark past that has no end.
Open the album. Thin sheets between pages and browse whisper family photos of his father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt Marie, pictures of baby carriages and bicycles, until they get images of men in uniform. His father was a member of the “Stahlhelm” (Steelhull), a paramilitary group of German nationalists who fought against the Pact of Versailles, against the demands for reparations from World War I , later against the Weimar Republic between the two wars and against democracy. “Dad nationalists acted in theater works that were given in local lounges located behind bars,” says Groening. In a work, a German was shot by a French because he had resisted the French occupation of post-war Germany ‘s Ruhr industrial area. “Discipline, obedience, authority, that’s how we were raised,” says Groening. His mother died when he was 4 years.
The Jews were merchants dirty ”
continues leafing through the album, clearly searching for something. “Here,” touches a picture with your finger, “look at the way we used to go.”
The photo, taken in 1933, shows a group of boys wearing military uniforms, marching behind a banner. A flag with a swastika hanging in a house. The young Oskar, marching in the first row, twelve years and is a member of the youth wing of the “Stahlhelm.”
What uniform meant for you?
“I was fascinated. Even today, when I hear military music … “her voice trembles and breaks. “Forgive me, but is such an experience for me, so high, even today …”
Near the house his father had a business selling iron objects whose owner was a Jew named Selig. He had a daughter, Anne, and the two boys used to play marbles on the street. One day some men from the SA placed in front of business a sign that read: “. Germans not buy from Jews” After that, Gröning and Anne began playing in the yard rather than on the street.
-¿ What were you thinking when I saw that poster?

“Nothing, completely nothing,” says Groening. His voice has been stilled and is firm again.
A door opens and his wife left a tray with cake on the table. The tray is covered with plastic wrap. “For later,” he says. And he goes. He prefers not to hear.
He waits until his wife closed the front door. Then he says: “See? For us dirty Jews were merchants, and lawyers who have always been so grim reputation when it came to money.People said: The Jews always take advantage of Christians. It is the usual way we behave. ”
-perhaps The father of Anne Selig took advantage of people?
” I did not think so. ”
Oskar Gröning lower leg stool, he sits upright and begins to sing, quietly at first, then louder. “When Jewish blood begins to gush from our knives, things will be fine.”
“My honor is loyalty”
The distinction between man of today and the past is erased for a moment when hereturns to present says “Then we not even think about what we were singing.” He
continues leafing through the album. It has written in blue ink on a photo with jagged edges “1941, with Aunt Anna”. Gröning shows young, tall, blond and wearing a uniform with the letters SS sewn in the neck. It sits on the arm of a chair and smiles, obviously very proud of his uniform.
He had seen pictures of the SS weekly news reports. I thought they were smart, smarter the unity of all. En1940 offered himself as a volunteer.
” It was spontaneous enthusiasm, a sense of not wanting to be the last of the game, left out of everything that happened.”
Already in the SS, for two years, Groening worked in the payment office. In October 1942, he received new orders. A senior officer told him he had been assigned to a special job, one of the greatest importance for the German people, for Germany to reach the final victory.He was told to think about your oath, in the words inscribed on his belt. “My honor is loyalty.” And he said, finally , that could never reveal the nature of his new assignment, anyone, for the rest of your life.

the stroke of a clock in the living hear. It’s six o’clock and Oskar Gröning has been talking for the last five hours. Eating cake and keep talking. At that point in its history, the young Gröning has come to Auschwitz.

‘Perhaps the old Gröning want a break?
“No, no, do not bother me at all,” he says. Bring a bottle of mineral water from the kitchen.His wife has not returned.
Gröning is 21 years old when he arrives at Auschwitz on October 1. It comes at a train from Katowice, and is brought to its place in the administrative barracks. Others, who were already before, begin to set the table for dinner: sardines and ham, vodka and rum.
The SS are comfortable in this field. But there must be something special about it, think Gröning. They take much. Then a door opens and someone announces that it has reached a new transport. Three men stand a jump, belts fit and take their guns.

What must have special diet singer?

The belief that the singer diet should be different from a person who does not sing is deeply rooted in the scene.

The other day a student told me that his former teacher told her that as a singer was dieting, I could not eat at least three hours before class.

I was overwhelmed with that and I thought it is a good topic that clarify concepts.

The route of entry of the food is mouth and take the necessary to sing can use both the mouth and nose air.

Yet there is an organ in our body that prevents food from going into our lungs, larynx, so food and singing can not occur simultaneously.

So, logically, there should be no problem in making one of the two processes before the other. So follow the 3 week diet the singer does not mean not eating anything before singing or vocalizing.

What then is the diet of the singer?

If we have to sing and we have to eat, we need to consider some issues that may arise.

Diet singer would rather that.

We may find ourselves in situations how are you:

…I have eaten too much.

Did you ever happen that you stick a binge eating and then you can not even move?

This is because our body has to digest and it must slow down all other vital functions in order to fully focus on that process.

eating normally do not even notice the change in your functions, but if one day you eat a lot, you’ll notice as does affect you.

As it affects you all the functions, you’ll notice that affects you singing, besides that you will not want to sing, because you want to be napping, you will feel heavy and without power.

For example, if you do not follow the diet the singer will not have to generate enough air pressure required to emit a powerful sound energy.

Thus, a very important point diet singer is not eating too much.

As you see, it has much to do with the usual injections and shots diets!

… There are foods that produce mucus me.

When you have mucus in the airways it is more difficult to get your voice, as the vocal cords can not properly get together to produce the sound.

There is no scientific evidence that depending on which foods produce mucus, while it is true that there are people happens.

Other people even generate mucus eat what they eat.

If you notice that dairy and sugars will produce mucus, do not take them before singing, if you see that does not affect you, you do not have to worry about.

Some substances like alcohol what they do is dehydrate the body, which is created to protect mucus.

Then, another important point diet singer is watching for foods that will generate mucus and avoid them before singing.

… It turns out that suffer from gastric reflux.

As well explained Carlos in his article on the stomach reflux , there are some foods that can promote the development of stomach reflux.

Eat them before a class does not help much!

… My body makes strange noises!

It is very common that the food we eat also some air through the digestive tract, going to stop the stomach.

Because of this, it must be expelled gases that can generate stomach discomfort occur.

It is quite a natural process, but is frowned upon socially.

Imagine being in the middle of your class singing and suddenly notice that pesky gas runs up your esophagus and into your mouth!

In addition there are some foods that when digested produce flatulence (some legumes and vegetables, dairy …).

Needless to say, this type of gas also is very badly seen socially and if you have a performance and see one of these unexpected guests, it’s possible that you faint musicians!

This last point is not going to stop singing, which just forces you to generate tension in your body in an attempt to avoid them and we know that all stress is bad to sing, and we have to be as relaxed as possible so that the sound go free and resonant.

 Latest News
    Dec. 20, 2007
    ~In addition to VH1's countdown of the best songs of the 90s, in which Green Day's Good Riddance was picked by viewers as number 37, several old TV shows featuring Green Day will be on TV today and in the upcoming days. Check the schedule here.

    Dec. 16, 2007
    ~Radio station WFMU hosted a "Remix Rudy Giuliani" contest in which contestants made music from sampled quotes of Giuliani, the former New York mayor and presidential candidate. The winner, "Wake Me Up When Sept 11 Ends," features Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" interspersed with clips of Giuliani talking about Sept 11. Download or listen here.

    Dec. 13, 2007
    ~Green Day+NRDC's MySpace announced that the NRDC is gathering signatures for a special holiday card for President Bush, urging him to take action to save polar bears. You can add your signature to the card here.

    Dec. 13, 2007
    ~A tidbit about the name Foxboro Hot Tubs: Foxboro is an upscale area near Rodeo, the East Bay town where Billie Joe and Mike grew up. And "Ruby Room" is the name of a popular Oakland bar.

    Dec. 13, 2007
    ~The album Instant Karma, which includes Green Day's cover of Working Class Hero, has raised $2.5 million for Amnesty International's Campaign to Save Darfur.

    Dec. 13, 2007
    ~VH1 will begin airing their countdown of the 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s, voted on by fans, on Dec. 17 at 10 p.m. Green Day's Good Riddance is at number 37.

    Dec. 11, 2007
    ~Green Day are nominated for a Grammy for Working Class Hero, in the category "Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals."

    Dec. 3, 2007
    ~From Bullet in a Bible will be airing on Fuse Dec. 20 at 8pm, Dec. 21 at 6pm, Dec. 26 at 6pm and Dec. 27 at 4pm.

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