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There are a lot of Green Day sites out there already, and I personally owe them a huge debt for all the news, information, community, and general love and satisfaction they’ve given me. So why one more? I just want something with more words. I want to read about thoughts, feelings, opinions, observations, and whatever else thinking about Green Day can inspire, and I hope that people who stop by will want to submit some of their own. Until I figure out a more sophisticated way for people to submit stuff, send me an email at asfo_del [at] (Please don’t send me any fanfic.) Put NWWM in the subject line so I know it’s not spam.

I also wanted to acknowledge Green Day’s older fan base, though I don’t want to be ageist by any means. I’m pretty much 43 going on 13 myself. I love silliness, and I also like to take time to reflect and analyze. I want this to be a place where older fans, as well as young fans who are interested in that sort of thing, can read and contribute ideas, feelings, humor, and thoughtful commentary.


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