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Artists’ mascots

Dogs, cats, monkeys and even kinkajous … some singers are very well accompanied

The dog is man’s best friend, it is a saying of the most popular and celebrity should know it because most have mascot. The dog is the most common but there are also cats. And if we get exotic, even monkeys or kinkajous. The fact is that many singers feel tremendous love for their animals and share it through social networks. Today we will know a few.


Miley Cyrus , themainstream rebel girl, takes her most tenderside when she’s with her pets, four dogs named Happy , Bean , Mary Jane and Penny Lane .Until last April 1 also had Floyd , a Siberian hasky. “Today is the second but day of my life. I do not want to talk about it because I do not want it to be true … but my precious baby Floyd is deceased. I’m broken, “he wrote on his twitter. He clearly has a passion for his animals. Floyd is not the only dog he has lost, in 2012, after suffering the attack of his bulldog Ziggy , his terrier Lila died. Finally gave away the bulldog. In fact,

Such is the passion he feels for his dogs that he did not hesitate to buy a car, valued at just over 100,000 euros, just to transportthem.


They say that a person is known by the mascot he has. Well, that of Taylor Swift is a kitten. “Her name is Meredith Gray because she’s a gray cat, and because I love Gray’s Anatomy . She is amazing. It is one of those cats that gives cats a good reputation. It does not hide under furniture or act strange when surrounded by people. She is very nice and funny and is perfect to take her on a trip because she never gets scared. So, I’m very proud that she has her own personality, “she told US Weekly. It is clear that Taylor is in love and not of any boy but of his kitten to which it carries in all its trips.


“His name is Blas , he is 6 years old, he is a very nice English bulldog, very vague and affectionate. He lives with me and walks every day for half an hour, ” Dani Martin told Maxim Huerta for Divinity, back in 2011. The singer turned his dog into a celebrity when he took it on the cover of Pequeño , his first solo album. And is that Dani is a lover of dogs, “Since I was little I always had dogs, but this breed is super special for me,” he added in the interview. Now, Blas, will have the company of Pistachio , Blanca Suarez’s dog . If the animals unite a lot.


Juanes is another lover of animals and in his home in Medellin has several dogs with which he speaks, as he wrote on his twitter. But if there is an important dog in his life that is Dante who came home before his son son who also decided to put the same name. So, at home, why put the child the name of the father can put the dog’s. Joking aside, it is clear that the Colombian loves their animals and, from time to time, teaches us by twitter.


“I always take a tour of a photo of my two dogs, Lucas and Grammy . The latter died last year and was a terrible loss for me. He expressed the same feelings as a human being and became very sad when I had to leave and began to pack. He was one of my best friends, ” Enrique Iglesias told Parade magazine in 2012. After Grammy’s death, Jack arrived and is now Lucas’s inseparable friend. This is the name of the dogs of Enrique who are among the most pampered, as he himself has confessed on occasion, and that despairs Anna Kournikova who is the one who has to deal with them in the day to day. But without a doubt, Jack, the most mediatic after celebrating his first birthday,


Lady Gaga does not know how to live without a dog. Last year we were able to see her in mourning after the death of Alice , the family dog. On her twitter she wrote: “My little dog Alice died. We had to put her to sleep, the cancer ate my little angel. My dad is so sad. We lost a member of our family. ” In 2009 also mourned the death of Rumpus , the dog that we can see in videos like Poker Face or Paparazzi . He was followed by Fozzi , his labrador dog with whom he travels on all sides. A dog that has already been photographed, even by the famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson who published a book of photos of Lady Gaga. By the way, according to the singer, her pet has wood as an artist, “Lady Gaga is training Fozzi to be an artist. He ties colored pencils to its paws and places it on top of a paper. His entire team already has a portrait of him, “a source close to The Sun newspaper said.


Morrisey , Krusty The Cat and Kitty Purry , that’s what cats are called Katy Perry . The singer, who on more than one occasion has manifested her obsession with cats adopted Kruty The Cat when she was married to Russell Brand . When they divorced in 2012, she won custody. But, his cat more mediatic is Kitty Purry, name that has nothing to do with his but it is a game of words between Hello Kitty and purring in English. We can see her kitten in the I kissed a girl video . It is always close, even when traveling.


Last year Belinda received for her birthday a gift of the most exotic. His ex, Giovanni Medina , obtained the necessary papers so that the parents of the singer gave him two capuchin monkeys. She should have seen his face when she received the surprise. Hopefully he will take better care of them than Justin Bieber who left his monkey Milly a few months ago in Germany.


The kinkajou, also called honey bear or sugar, or monkey cat, is a species of raccoon family. And it is not that we are going to put National Geographic but you will know exactly what was one of the first pets of Paris Hilton . It is an endangered species from Latin America that gave it more than a scare. In fact, he ended up in the hospital after being bitten by Baby Luv , which is what he called him. Then came the cats, the ferrets and the dogs, their favorites. In fact, she was a pioneer in publicly showing her chihuahua. Now your pets have their own mansion and now they are building a movie theater. Eccentricities of the rich.


In 2012 Bruno Mars bought his first puppy, a rottweiler named Geronimo . “My dream was to have a dog. I wanted a big one, “he told Now he has it, and confesses that “they bite and ruin all your furniture, shoes and stuff”. But he is happy with it.