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Sports, training, fitshoppro reviews and fitness routines are often accompanied by music, and many athletes enjoy it and consider motivating.

Recently, the results of a study by the University of Hannover indicated that listening to music during exercise contributes to improved physical performance. Now, Dr. Costas Karageorghis, of Brunel University in England, joined Spotify, a streaming service online music in order to create the ideal list to maximize the energy of those who train reproduction.

For the study, more than 6.7 million music compilations created exercise with the goal of finding the songs that motivate athletes of the country were analyzed. The final list playback reached by the researchers is based on the popularity of songs, combined with the effects they cause in sports performance according to their tempo, style and content.

The researcher Costas Karageorghis, who is deputy head of research at the School of sports and education that university, said: “When movements with the rhythm of the music are synchronized, the training intensity is increased by raising the tempo in one or two beats per minute (BPM); this will increase the rate of exercise, with the added value that the difference in the effort will be almost imperceptible. ”

He added that “a list of motivational reproduction can help ‘coloring’ symptoms of fatigue product exercise, such as agitation or shortness of breath, so they are interpreted more positively. This means that at the point where the body is asking to stop, music has the power to lift the mood and invite stick with exercise. ”

During the course of the study, the research team found that men and women exercise with different songs to help break the pain barrier and not give up. For example, while men prefer to take forces with the Eye of the Tiger song from the movie Rocky III, women choose to listen to Rhianna or Lady Gaga. In addition, the study also showed that women exercise more in the morning before breakfast with rhythmic pop songs and well, and men do at night to the rhythm of hip hop songs.

Angela Watts, Spotify, explained that by combining the analysis of 6.7 million playlists in conjunction with the research of Dr. Costas, created the playlist called The Ultimate Workout to give the best possible motivation athletes.And while the choice of music that makes each person to train is subjective and depends on your preferences, then we share the Navy list from this study.