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Cheer up! Enjoy the benefits of music for pregnant women

We already know that the more we stimulate our  baby  from the first moment, the better his emotional development and learning will be, but did you know that we can start doing it before he is born? Scientific advances have shown that everything experienced during  pregnancy  determines certain behavior in the future of the child, that is why we are currently recommended to start stimulating the baby since he is in the womb.

The sounds, for example, stimulate the sensory capacities of the baby from our womb, and music is an effective tool to improve this process, due to this it is normal that many times we recommend  listening to music for pregnant women as a way to create bonds between the baby and the world around us , and thus encourage their learning.

How does music affect pregnant women?

Several studies show that the baby has already developed its five senses since before birth. Hearing is the only sense that allows the baby to connect with the outside world from inside our womb and develops during the fifth month of pregnancy, from then on the baby gradually begins to hear and recognize different sounds, from the heartbeats to our voice, thus creating a special connection with us and the world around us.

However, words are not the only means we have to communicate with our baby, music also serves as a powerful catalyst of emotions, stimulating the baby’s heart rate, encouraging the development of their hearing system and strengthening their learning process.

Does the baby listen to music for pregnant women?

With the help of our obstetrician from we can notice that when the baby listens to our voices or some music, his heart rate and breathing patterns   change, and we can even observe and feel how he moves in response to these sounds.

In fact, an article published by the  Natural Magazine  ensures that the baby is able to remember the melodies he heard while he was in our womb even weeks after his birth.

When the baby hears our voices or some music, it responds to the stimuli with movements or changes in their heartbeat and breathing.

Benefits of listening to music for pregnant women

Listening to music during pregnancy has many benefits not only for our baby, but also for us as well. These are only some of them.

1. Benefits for us

Listening to music is not only good for the baby, it is also good for us, it helps us to express our emotions in a healthier way, to relax and produce endorphins that will make us feel well, transmitting that feeling of relaxation and peace to the baby . If we feel happy and healthy our baby will be happy and healthy too.

woman listening to music

When we relax listening to music we transmit that feeling of peace to our baby

2 Benefits for the baby

When we use music constantly to communicate with our baby before birth, we strengthen their associative capacity, we promote a greater expression of their emotions, we contribute in the development of their language, we increase their capacity for concentration and learning, we improve their sleep and his feeding, we transmit a feeling of relaxation and peace, and we connect emotionally even more with him.

However,  the positive effects of music for pregnant women depend to a large extent on how relaxed we feel when we are listening to the melody.  If we enjoy listening to the songs, then our baby will too.

headphones on the belly of a pregnant woman
The music for pregnant women that makes us feel active also transmits the feeling of joy to the baby

What is the best music for pregnant women?

According to the Master in Psychobiology and Cognitive neuroscience, Jordi A. Jauset the type of music is the least important,  what really matters when choosing music for pregnant women is to look for songs that we like to listen to , however, always we can try new melodies. The following list contains authors and songs that according to studies help to awaken specific emotions in people who listen