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High performance and high performance light projector for theaters and events

With an intense beam of light projecting up to 150 ‘, Pro FS 15R is the new medium-shot tracking illumination that Elation Professional has developed for theaters, shows and events of any dimension.


Elation Professional , manufacturer of lighting systems, has available its new barrel of light tracking medium shot Pro FS 15R, which equips an efficient source Platinum to project Beamer Testsieger flat field, from 6 to 10 degrees to 150 ‘, without Access point, especially indicated where manual control of a beam of intense light, such as theaters, shows and events of any size is required.

Pro FS 15R has an efficient optical anti – reflection lens system combined with a lamp Philips MSD Platinum 15R to produce 13,500 lumens of cool white light 8000º K. The lamp operates at a maximum power consumption of only 320 watts, with greater durability than a traditional discharge lamp and without adjustment or cleaning of the reflector.

The system incorporates seven interchangeable dichroic colors that reproduce perfectly with a variable CTB / CTO filter and allows color temperature adjustment, with framing, frost and iris of superior assembly and variable regulation for smooth fades.

With a two-year warranty from Elation, Pro FS 15R features an automatic detection power supply for use anywhere in the world, an advantage for rental companies looking for a high-performance, compact and easy-to-use solution. Remote control panel with floor support.