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How to learn English with music: the best singers

Everyone likes music. From the walkman mobile, it has always been with us. Learn English with music is one of the most fun and entertaining methods; also effective. It helps us in improving our pronunciation, to memorize new vocabulary and even accustom the ear. In this post we want to capture some of the singers who can help you practice your English; but first there are a number of steps that will teach you como aprender ingles rapidamente and make this method something truly effective:

  1. You hear a song you like: it is the most important, you have to enjoy what you hear.
  2. Listen to it again and again: the more you listen, the better you will understand your letter. It will be helpful to memorize vocabulary.
  3. Try singing it without looking at the letter: it is the best way to accustom your ear to the language.
  4. Sing it with the letter ahead: looking for the meaning of all the words you do not understand.

Now we’ll talk about some of the singers whose songs you can be helpful:

  1. The Beatles: A classic among classics. Learning songs will be very easy because they are fun and easy to understand.

Two of their best songs are: ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Let it be’ .

  1. U2: the best option if what you want is to soak up new vocabulary. The Irish group is diverse topics, from the social and cultural commitment to religion.

We recommend the following songs: ‘With or without you’ or ‘Beautiful day’.

  1. Beyoncé: presents catchy songs with lyrics easy to understand. ‘ Single ladies’ and ‘If I were a boy’ are two very good choices.
  1. Rolling Stones: British rock band contemporary. Some of his songs are considered the best of all time. The leisurely pace of many of his subjects facilitate learning English. Opt for something like ‘Brown sugar’ and‘Satisfaction’.
  1. Dover: if the American and British accent you resist … nothing better to try a Spanish group sing in English.His “Spanish intonation” will be of great help to understand in detail the lyrics of his songs.

We highlight two of his best songs: ‘Devil came to me’ and ‘Serenade’.

You know, now you can learn English using fun methods. With Blazaar we can help, you just hire a session with the tutor of English you want and get going. A new way to learn a single click.