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Movies about music to delight the ears

It is very difficult to make a list with the best hdmovie2k movies about music , because it is an element that is everywhere. There are numerous stories of singers or bands, and many more about musicians or dancers. However, there are a few that we can consider the best for any music lover, and here I leave them to delight your ears:

# 8 Empire Records

Empire Records is an independent record company, and it wants to stay separate from the big corporations. However, this will become complicated as time passes, entering into the middle several personal problems of employees.

# 7 This is Spinal Tap

For those who like rock hardcore I recommend  This is Spinal Tap . The film follows the band Spinal Tap on a tour, undressing their problems and crises. It is considered one of the best films of this style.

# 6 Amadeus

Amadeus gives us a glimpse into the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the well-known composer. His career was not easy, and this is demonstrated in this film where all his personal problems are exposed and mixed with his love for music.

# 5 Farinelli

In the time of Farinelli ( Stefano Dionisi ) it was customary to castrate the children with a good voice, so that they maintained it forever and they were singers. Farinelli was the most recognized of them, although few existed that really triumphed. Admired and repudiated at the same time, he takes refuge in his musical talent and fills the theaters with admirers.

# 4 Almost Famous

A high school boy has the opportunity to write for Rolling Stone magazine, and follow a rock band on his tour. However, he realizes that the lights and the flashes have much more behind than it seems.

# 3 Walk the Line

Walk the Line is based on the true story of June Carter and Johnny Cash , two big stars from the United States. It portrays the personal problems of both love and conflicting relationships.

# 2 8 Mile

Being a rapper is not easy, and Eminem proves it in this film unveiling the personal problems of a young musician. It is one of the few films that show the scope of rap, so if you like music, I recommend watching it.

# 1 School of Rock

Jack Black is an actor, but music is a very important factor in his life and that is why in many movies he has played music lovers or musicians. In this is an unemployed man who pretends to be a school teacher. There he teaches all about rock to his students and leads them to participate in a contest, surprising all with his abilities.