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Music groups that can encourage your marriage

Listening to the word music group or orchestra, who already combed gray like your parents and grandparents, evoke their glorious years, in which it was unimaginable to go to a wedding or party of carving and not to meet with a group playing live. DJs were not popular in those times and it was offensive to find a cold stereo animating a party. Currently seeing a group putting the musical note in a wedding is to give added value and of course, leave more than happy to your guests of all generations, who surely will enjoy from beginning to end.

Today, there is a wide range of sets, bands, trios, quartets, which fit not only your musical tastes but your marriage budget, from the most classic to contemporary, potpourri and popular music. Therefore, if you are determined to hire one, it is better to choose the best wedding photographer .

1. Creole

Undoubtedly the orchestras that enjoy greater popularity in our environment are the criollas. They build such a jarana that if they are thinking of leaving their guests happy it is a safe bet to keep a dynamic dance floor.

2. Afro-Peruvian

Composed of percussion instruments, this type of groups will tap your guests to the rhythm of the celebration and landed, but not throughout the day. They usually make an appearance at a critical moment and leave, leaving everyone tired, but very happy.

3. Salsa

There is a sector of the population that does not imagine a party without this American center rhythm. If you know that your people are salsera, go directly to quote a salsa orchestra, which always have the guardaditas up their sleeve to get the track to all generations.

4. Cumbia

The groups of cumbia like the ones of salsa are numerous, and they are usually the most cheerful. They combine popular rhythms with sticky lyrics that will make the audience sing.

5. Tropical

It is an orchestra that stands out for playing contagious Latin American rhythms, we find cumbias from Peru and Argentina. Also a repertoire of Ecuadorian corridors, Colombian vallenatos, and all those dance tunes of all time, including Sonora Matancera / Cuba.

6. Charanga

Charanga orchestras are popular in Argentina but it is possible to find them in our country also with percussion, strings and wind. They compile dance rhythms of all times. Your goal is to keep your guests standing, that is why they resort to contagious choreography that remained in our imagination.

7. Rock

It is possible to hire a single band that plays their own versions of your rock legends throughout the party, or on the other hand, that they make an entry at a crucial moment of marriage and then continue with the most danceable themes. Everything will depend on how passionate the couple and guests are for this noisier genre.

8. Pop

A pop group is more open to interpreting music of all nationalities and orders of the couple. Given the nature of the genre, it is possible to have them throughout your party making your guests dance, to the rhythm of Shakira, Jennyfer Lopez, Rihana, Alejandro Sanz or Juanes. Less tasty than tropical but just as cheerful.

9. Jazz and blues

There are as many musical genres as there are types of orchestras, so if you are more classical and want something less upset and emphasize the enjoyment of a good conversation under the sound of saxophone and trumpet, bet for sure by a sextet or quartet, jazz / blues or why not, jazz-Afro-Peruvian, who will also add the dance note if they wish.

10. Mariachis

Of all the musical ensembles are the most versatile and acclaimed by the female audience. They have a more than particular clothing and besides putting your people to dance they will make you sing with a loose throat.

11. Chorus

They are perfect for the ceremony and the moment of starting your banquet. They will give you a unique profile.

Whatever the type of orchestra they choose for their marriage, they should know that by hiring it they are guaranteeing the admiration of their own and strangers.