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Police and locksmiths raise the alarm about the ‘bumping’

They can open a lock in a matter of five seconds, with two simple hammer blows or a similar object – even a shoe is enough – enter the houses in an exhalation and take everything they can, as long as they can easily transport it without attracting attention .

The Police warns of the itinerant gangs that are dedicated to raid houses by the method of ‘bumping’, which uses a special master key, but also points out that in many of the robberies that occur in the Region the thieves enter the houses Through the window. They focus mainly on the suburbs of large cities, with easy access to highways, to flee at the fastest speed. They leave no trace, they do not even stay in hotels or pensions. They usually act in holiday periods, although the National Police has not detected a significant increase in Murcia in the recently ended Holy Week and Spring Festival.

The method used leaves no mark on the doors, so it can not be detected by the naked eye. The Murcia National Police ensures that, after each theft with force, an investigation is initiated, and that at this moment there are several important ones underway, of which there will be news in the coming dates.

The protagonists of this wave of robberies use the same method to enter the houses. After sneaking into the portal of the building, they go knocking door to door, to locate empty homes. They perpetrate their robberies in the mornings, between eight and two in the afternoon, the hours in which the neighbors usually leave to work or make the purchase.

The method used by the band, the ‘bumping’, requires a few seconds. It consists in introducing a special master key in the security lock. The key is provided with points, notches or recesses in the lowest position reached by the pistons of the bolt. Once inserted, one or two strokes are enough to move the internal springs, which causes the lock to open. The bands that are acting in several Spanish provinces also use some mechanical pick or electric drill, a method that destroys the locks.

Once the lock is forced, the thieves enter the houses and take objects that are easy to transport without spending much time in each house. The thieves are mainly preyed on a certain security lock brand that was very popular in Spain during the nineties.

Obsolete locks
The Union of Locksmiths of Spanish Safety (UCES), which groups 300 security companies in the country, including three companies in the region, estimates that 80% of locks in Spain are obsolete, so urges the regional and local administrations to carry out a ‘plan renovation’ to replace the old ones. “There is no lock that can not be opened, but you can put minutes at the door, so that thieves take longer to open them and desist trying,” according to a spokesman UCES, an organization that groups 300 locksmiths in Spain. This group believes that public administrations should subsidize the renovation of old locks.

The UCES is also concerned about another aspect that has been observed for about five years, and is the sale of master keys and other locksmith tools through the Internet. Another intolerable aspect, according to the organization, is the proliferation of “contests” and “tutorials” on YouTube that teach how to open a door silently and cleanly. “More than teaching locksmithing, these tutorials are a school to train homeless people,” complains UCES, which asks to limit such content on the Internet.

At present, an anti-bumping or anti-drill lock can be purchased for 100 or 150 euros. According to UCES, the former have a pendulum or spring that prevents the master key from acting. There are different models that slow down robbery by thieves, such as the Mauer, the more affordable R6, the R 100 or the Kaba, among others. The anti-drill locks make the cylinder literally go crazy, that is, it starts spinning, so that the drill does not accomplish its task of eroding the pistons of the lock.
For higher prices you can buy locks much safer, which have laser sensors that lock the lock in case you enter a strange key. Any precaution is small compared to the ingenuity of friends of others, who always go ahead. For more information visit locksmith Epping.