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Put on a rock concert


Find the bands play at the concert. Often, a rock concert is centered around a main act is on tour and one or two bands that are opening smaller or tourism or local level. Ask your friends if they know anyone who wants to play a show, and the headlining band ask if you have ideas for opening acts. The total number of bands on an invoice is usually two or three.

Finding a place to host the show. This could be anything with a space large enough for a band to set up and an audience to dance. When asked if the seats would be able to host a rock concert, be sure to record the dates and times that the seat is available, the type of music that would, if this is a place for all ages, and if l ‘alcohol is allowed.You can try to call bars, community centers, friends with big wineries and other space than you probably think, private or public.

Set the date and time of a rock concert. This means confirming an appointment with age and location, and know when the show should start counting backwards from that moment that must end. For example, if the show should end at midnight, and there are two bands, the headliner must play from 10:45 until midnight, and the opening band should play 9: 15-10: 15. Doors, therefore, must be open at 8:30 pm This will vary depending on the time of installation and disassembly required for each band, and for how long you want the whole is.

Advertising. Use all available methods to promote your online networking program for word of mouth, flyers and brochures photocopied colors. The general public is switched on, the more money you will place the bands and further promoting the band and get more fun everyone will have.

Finding people to stand in front of the door. These people have money and identification admission control, if necessary. Set with labels or markers and a safe box money. If the rock concert takes place in a bar, the bar can provide people with doors like a gorilla.

Make the appropriate place for music. softer and asks candles placed around the room rock. Rock with a strong pace must be accompanied by a beautiful clear the floor, dance. Some rock concerts can also call for chairs around the edges of the room.

Be available during the show. Try to delegate as many jobs as possible for others, for you to be able to run between the representatives of the office, people at the door and bands, and to keep an eye on the audience as well.

Finally, make sure that you are able to close the place at the right time. This will keep you in good standing with the place and the local police (to get a closing time violation sound). You may have to be pushy to get people to disperse, the lights turn on and turn off the music.

Help with cleaning – the last band still have to break, and you may need to organize a professional stain cleaning┬áteam to clean up after the hearing.