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Ricky Martin is going Christian Grey style coffee

Or that’s what we are trying to sell from a popular brand of coffee with a notice fully based on the aesthetics of the popular trilogy of novels. It’s just not that suddenly we have learned that Ricky Martin will be Christian Grey in the film, but it ‘s going to take that design their coffee machine rental for offices, who happens to be very similar to the muchi millonario.

That the same we would not have given much consideration beyond that Ricky Martin is in costume, he called a secretary who looks dangerously diffident Anastasia Steele but with granny glasses to better visualize and it comes with all the fear of the planet to talk to the muchimillonario the awesomely glass office and reminds him that he has to pick holidays and such. From moment we can be reassured that the role Jamie Dornan is not removed. I believe.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, it seems like an egg to a chestnut in everything in general. Yes, she wears all modosita and Ricky Martin is in costume , but rather colored coffee plantation , no gray, and is the buenrollista and adorable holiday boss who gives his secretary. The same we are doing some hands it to us to be jumping on the bandwagon of what may seem or not to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. But hey, the view is good and Ricky is reguapo . And the same until coffee is good.