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The best face masks for music artists and celebrities use before attending the Oscars

Get ready to shine like a star …

Ready for the Oscars entails a preparation that goes beyond simply what we see (that usually is hair and makeup), and this includes the various skin treatments.

While not everyone can visit the same celebrity dermatologist or retouch details with a laser, if we can imitate the care of our favorite actresses and acquire some of those products that make them look so radiant.

Here are 5 of the masks that Hollywood makeup artists used the most for their A-list clients to triumph on this year’s red carpet:

1. Mask to recover the skin of Orlane

“I like to use this pilaten cream for tired skin, suffering from jet-lag” says the stylist Matin Maulawizada , whose clients include Claire Danes and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  “I apply it all over the face, neck and décolleté, and I let it act while fixing my hair to my celebrity.Then I remove it with a toner and start my work of skin care and makeup.This product literally breaks down Of all the stress of the skin. ”

2. Clay Tilbury Clay Face Mask (coming out next month).

The makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury used this mask on her clients Amal Clooney and Sienna Miller just before the Golden Globes last month, calling him “The facial of 10 minutes amazing for the red carpet” because it hides imperfections such as pores and lines Expression, softens and creates a natural shine for the application of makeup.

3. The Enzyme Peel Pharmacy Organic Mask

“I use this mask when presented me with some famous super congested scaly skin , ” says Maulawizada . “It is very good for people who have skin that is rough to the touch and those whose composition does not mix and looks irregular.”

4. Mask with enzymesTalika

“I like my stars treatments are made the day before the ceremony, while relaxing before sleep, eat, or watch TV , ” says the professional makeup Inglessis Melanie, who works with Rosamund Pike and Lea Michele . “I like moisturizers, like the Talika, nothing purifying or exfoliating / peeling, I leave them in the face while my clients rest and remove them with rose water and a cotton in the morning, or I tell them to remove it with cold water and Then apply rose water. ” The makeup of the famous Nick Barose is also considered fanatical. “It’s very easy to use, it’s comfortable, and you can see immediate results with light, fluffy skin.”

5. Moisturizing mask with Banana and Avocado Juara

“My foolproof way to combat dry especially in winter, this natural remedy is mascara , ” says makeup artist Kerrie Urban , who is responsible for fixing actresses of the likes of Keira Knightley , Cate Blanchett  and Chloe Moretz . “For optimum results, clean and exfoliate your face with a steam bath, followed by 10 minutes of this cream … it will give that red carpet to your face and as an extra, you can use it in your hair as well A deep conditioning treatment. “