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The rockers who wanted to do EDM

When there is a mixture of genres, the fanned experiments may fail quickly or be simply amazing. Among the collaborations of electronic, rock and diverse music of their subgenres, the results hardly usually fail in the attempt. Skrillex, Steve Aoki and The Bloody Beetroots are some frequent clients of this extensive list, so who says rocker beats do not exist?

Linkin Park by Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes

If there is someone who, besides jumping and throwing cakes all over the world, can collaborate with different bands and / or artists, it is Steve Aoki. Linkin Park is a band with which you could feel identified in your high school years and in your work, with the native of Miami, give an electronic touch to their already characteristic style. Just before the release of the single, Linkin Park and Steve Aoki were together on stage in Japan, and although not a collaboration that the world needs, it worked quite well.

Fall Out Boy feat. Steve Aoki – Back to Earth

Steve Aoki will release at the end of August, “Neon Future”, his second studio album. Perhaps after listening to Krewella’s “Dancing With The Devil” and meeting Fall Out Boy 12 months ago, the mobile DJ Melbourne / producer was encouraged to work with the iconic Chicago band, resulting in a versatile track that can be replicated in the radio and reach the first places besides fitting in the dance floors.

Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People

You play Wonderland and the first track you hear is Steve Aoki’s energetic collaboration with Weezer vocalist and guitarist, Rivers Cuomo. The debut album of the American DJ / producer is full of lively songs that will not let you sit while playing. Maybe I could have been a better job and have a less psychedelic and strange video but to be the beginning, it was not so bad.

Krewella feat. Patrick Stump & Travis Barker – Dancing With The Devil

A collaboration that happened by chance arises from Krewella’s debut album entitled, “Get Wet.” Travis Barker does an exceptional job and without a doubt, Patrick Stump could be the third vocalist of the band from Chicago. The voices of the Yousaf sisters and “Rain Man” delight us with their characteristics and unmistakable mixes that have made the trio popular.

Tiësto feat. Tegan & Sara – Feel It In My Bones

The already chameleonic Tiësto premiered in the second half of 2009 a collaboration with Tegan & Sara, an indie pop duo of Canadian sisters. Whenever the DJ / producer experiences, he does it with a certainty that augurs him success and that “Feel It In My Bones” was a spectacular result that I am sure, made you sing and dance without stopping.

Paul Oakenfold feat. Shifty Shellshock – Starry Eyed Surprise

Hey DJ! More than a decade ago, when Paul Oakenfold was one of the few DJs that you placed without being very involved in the scene, he collaborated with Shifty Shellshock, the vocalist of Crazy Town to bring, “Starry Eyed Surprise”, which reached the 41st place on the Billboard Hot 100. We are sure that it is one of the first collaborations and without a doubt, one of the biggest hits of a few years ago.