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What a coffee sound?

Can you imagine that you are invited to participate in a tasting of new varieties of coffee and just listening to a song that represents the essence of all the coffees test? It seems difficult, but it is real.

Coffee maker Carte Noire has been the architect of this explosive mixture of flavor and music. The brand organized at L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre a public tasting of new capsules cafes Carte Noire, you can also check visit this link, which ended turned into a ‘flashmob’ with dancers and a concert by a group of students from the Liceo Conservatory as a symphony orchestra and other artists of contemporary music and urban styles.

Tasting new coffee capsules compatible Carte Noire did not leave indifferent to any of the attendees. After randomly pick a person visiting the mall, he was invited to try the four new varieties of coffee Carte Noire … But with a surprise! With every sip sounded live a melody, amixture of contemporary and classical music, that ‘translated’ and reinterpreted in a pentagram personality coffee was testing the person chosen.

The first surprise came when elected tested the coffee Carte Noire Espresso No. 3, when started playing cello with Chavez Dj mix. Something similar happened when took the first sip of coffee Carte Noire No.. 5 delicate Espresso. In this case, the chosen instrument was a flute, accompanied by Santi Vaamonde programming. The third issue devoted to coffee Carte Noire No.. 7 Espresso Aromatique was played by the violin with percussion Didak Fernandez, while the fourth and last issue, dedicated to Café Carte Noire No.. 9 Espresso Intense, was given by the piano and Flowtizta Beatbox.

After hearing the issues separately, the finale came when the four themes merged into one, adding voice and symphony orchestra arrangements, resulting in a unique song that represented the essence of the four Carte Noire coffees.

The songs have been composed by Benjamin Davies and Francisco Suarez (both professors of Conservatorio del Liceu), in collaboration with MUWOM (musical company Carlos Jean), while the arrangements and orchestrations are Benjamin Davies, apart from teacher it is also head of composition at the Conservatory of Music Lyceum.

With this show , Carte Noire has shown that in addition rhythm, melody, harmony … intensity and also music taste.