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What must have special diet singer?

The belief that the singer diet should be different from a person who does not sing is deeply rooted in the scene.

The other day a student told me that his former teacher told her that as a singer was dieting, I could not eat at least three hours before class.

I was overwhelmed with that and I thought it is a good topic that clarify concepts.

The route of entry of the food is mouth and take the necessary to sing can use both the mouth and nose air.

Yet there is an organ in our body that prevents food from going into our lungs, larynx, so food and singing can not occur simultaneously.

So, logically, there should be no problem in making one of the two processes before the other. So follow the 3 week diet the singer does not mean not eating anything before singing or vocalizing.

What then is the diet of the singer?

If we have to sing and we have to eat, we need to consider some issues that may arise.

Diet singer would rather that.

We may find ourselves in situations how are you:

…I have eaten too much.

Did you ever happen that you stick a binge eating and then you can not even move?

This is because our body has to digest and it must slow down all other vital functions in order to fully focus on that process.

eating normally do not even notice the change in your functions, but if one day you eat a lot, you’ll notice as does affect you.

As it affects you all the functions, you’ll notice that affects you singing, besides that you will not want to sing, because you want to be napping, you will feel heavy and without power.

For example, if you do not follow the diet the singer will not have to generate enough air pressure required to emit a powerful sound energy.

Thus, a very important point diet singer is not eating too much.

As you see, it has much to do with the usual injections and shots diets!

… There are foods that produce mucus me.

When you have mucus in the airways it is more difficult to get your voice, as the vocal cords can not properly get together to produce the sound.

There is no scientific evidence that depending on which foods produce mucus, while it is true that there are people happens.

Other people even generate mucus eat what they eat.

If you notice that dairy and sugars will produce mucus, do not take them before singing, if you see that does not affect you, you do not have to worry about.

Some substances like alcohol what they do is dehydrate the body, which is created to protect mucus.

Then, another important point diet singer is watching for foods that will generate mucus and avoid them before singing.

… It turns out that suffer from gastric reflux.

As well explained Carlos in his article on the stomach reflux , there are some foods that can promote the development of stomach reflux.

Eat them before a class does not help much!

… My body makes strange noises!

It is very common that the food we eat also some air through the digestive tract, going to stop the stomach.

Because of this, it must be expelled gases that can generate stomach discomfort occur.

It is quite a natural process, but is frowned upon socially.

Imagine being in the middle of your class singing and suddenly notice that pesky gas runs up your esophagus and into your mouth!

In addition there are some foods that when digested produce flatulence (some legumes and vegetables, dairy …).

Needless to say, this type of gas also is very badly seen socially and if you have a performance and see one of these unexpected guests, it’s possible that you faint musicians!

This last point is not going to stop singing, which just forces you to generate tension in your body in an attempt to avoid them and we know that all stress is bad to sing, and we have to be as relaxed as possible so that the sound go free and resonant.